Schulze and Burch Biscuit Company
Schulze and Burch Biscuit Company

Our dedication to quality and innovation is apparent at the state of the art FT&DC. To deliver quality products we use the right combination of the best equipment and highly trained skilled professionals.

The process begins with state of the art mixing and prep machinery:

  1. Two single-arm horizontal bowl mixers
  2. Hobart vertical mixer
  3. Forming equipment including sheeter, spreader box, wire cut, slabbing, rotary molding and rotary cutter, slitter and guillotine
  4. Enrobing equipment for specialty products including a Series D enrobing system, and the ability to produce chocolate or compound coatings, with complete decorating capability
  5. Baking takes place in a re-circulating heat oven.
  6. 45', 3-zone oven provides optimum control over the bake via air velocity, baffle configuration and damper adjustment
  7. 48 thermocouples ensure accurate monitoring of the baking chamber temperature
  8. Three oven bands; solid steel, tight weave mesh and loose weave mesh.
  9. Motorized band changer
  10. The cooling process is fully controlled and carefully regulated.
  11. Turbo-flow cooling tunnels
  12. Radiant or jet cooling above the belt
  13. Air cooling below the belt
  14. Independent cooling zones
  15. Temperature and air velocity can be controlled by zone

It is with this line up of equipment and a staff of dedicated and knowledgeable food industry professionals that The Food Technology and Development Center can meet the strict specifications required for your products, and meet our own exacting standards. The combination of quality people and precision equipment enhances our capabilities to develop and manufacture a long list of foods and snacks.

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