Schulze and Burch Biscuit Company
Schulze and Burch Biscuit Company

At Schulze & Burch
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Schulze & Burch baked the first Private Label Toaster Pastry in 1964. Today, we are the largest producer of store brand toaster pastries, with multiple bakeries supplying the leading retailers in all classes of trade. Schulze & Burch customizes private label programs to meet your needs.

Our Toaster Pastry programs are superior for the following reasons:

Product Quality

  1. Jam Filling
    We make our own jam with real fruit juice.
    Our jam is moist and juicy vs. dry and crusty.
    Our jam maintains flavor longer than the
    national brand.
  2. Crust
    Crust is tender and flakier than the national brand. Our crust has a more homemade appearance, and is preferred by consumers.
  3. Consumer Preference
    S&B's toaster pastries are preferred over the national brand 1.34 / 1.00 on a recent blind consumer test
  4. Trans Fat Free
    Only S&B offers a private label toaster pastry that is Trans Fat Free

Consumer Friendly

  1. Wrappers
    Only S&B offers flavor designated wrappers for easy identification in the pantry
  2. Flavors
    S&B offers all of the leading flavors
  3. Pack Sizes
    Available in 5 consumer friendly pack sizes
  4. Healthy
    No Trans Fat

Operational Strengths

  1. Size
    S&B is the largest supplier of private label Toaster Pastries in the world
  2. Capacity
    Over 1 million sq ft of capacity in 3 production facilities
  3. Innovation
    Produced the first Saltine cracker in 1949
    Produced the first toaster Pastry in 1964
    Produced the first granola bar in 1975
  4. Experience
    Category leader for over 45 years

We are eager to discuss ways which we can make your business grow. Please give us a call at (773) 927-6622.

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