Schulze and Burch Biscuit Company
Schulze and Burch Biscuit Company


Construction of a new plant  - Schulze and Burch Biscuit Company1890's

In 1896 Paul Schulze, Sr., an immigrant from Germany, established the Schulze Baking Co. It became a major commercial bread bakery that, over the next three decades, established the Butternut brand. This enterprise consisting of 12 bakeries in nine cities was sold to the company that became Interstate Brands.

Construction of a new plant  - Schulze and Burch Biscuit Company1920's

The Paul Schulze Biscuit Co. was created from two small bakeries acquired by Paul Schulze, Sr. Unique display racks with glass covers for bulk merchandise put the Paul Schulze Biscuit Company name and products into thousands of independent retail food stores in Illinois, Indiana and Iowa. Headquartered at 25 N. Green St., Chicago, the new company focused on producing high quality products such as Paradise Saltines (a thinner type of soda cracker which eventually became the first saltine cracker).

Construction of a new plant  - Schulze and Burch Biscuit Company1930's

In 1933, the Burch Biscuit Company was organized as a subsidiary of Paul Schulze Biscuit Co. and moved its headquarters to Des Moines, IA. In 1939, the company's name was changed to Schulze & Burch Biscuit Company. Construction of a new plant at 1133 W. 35th St. began.

SALTINE CARTON -Schulze and Burch Biscuit Company1940's

Due to the scarcity of raw materials, such as sugar and shortening, and the government need for specialized meals for troops abroad, Schulze & Burch went heavily into Army contract work, making the round biscuit for C rations for the Quartermaster Corps. After the war, Schulze & Burch focused again on high quality consumer products. The Flavor Kist brand was born with a wide variety of delicious cookies and crackers. By 1949, Schulze & Burch revolutionized the saltine cracker by creating a thinner cracker with a specialized golden toast bake and packed in a radical new 4 wraps in one carton.

Construction of a new plant 1950's - Schulze and Burch Biscuit Company1950's

Schulze & Burch Biscuit Co. continued to expand and improve the operation with the addition of two new ovens and the installation of a bulk flour system. The Flavor Kist brand continued to flourish.


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